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Is it possible to learn HTML,CSS, PHP, Mysql, JQuery, and Javascripts in order to start a startup?

Or does it sound crazy? How is possible a person must expert in those field in order to launch a startup? For sure we cant launch a site without having a strong foundation on those fields cause at some point the site might crash. Where I can find a reliable person to work together since in my country IT is not a main field? I have a startup idea for Asian country also I had done many of working part of the sites. Outsourcing the code seems not good idea.

I have good knowledge in php mysql js but one person doing many things seems consume alot of times also I need to find time in order to implement a new features.
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Quincy Larson
It's totally possible to build a modern startup with the older, more established technologies you mentioned.

The technologies you mentioned make up a commonly used stack called the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). They are mature technologies, but they still work. If those tools help you get a site up quickly, use them so that you can quickly validate your startup's product market fit.

In fact, you can build the basic dynamic websites that many early stage startups needing to without writing any code at all.

Rather than focus on building features, focus on getting user feedback. There's nothing worse than throwing away built-out features that it turns out your users never wanted.

Once you've proven you have something your users want, you can gradually transition your PHP codebase over to Node.js.
Abhishek Jain
I think I can answer this question, since I recently started my own venture. I am a graduate in Biotechnology, Post graduate in Finance and Marketing. 3-4 years ago, I didn't even know any other language than C, which was in my syllabus.

I wanted to start my own software development company, that's why I chose to change my career from finance to IT. I got into a gaming company, learnt Java, Android, iOS, python, C#, C++ and many other languages and platforms. We made a lot of games there.

Then I started my venture with the help of one of my friend and learnt web development. That includes learning HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JS, jQuery, ASP .net, cloud computing and many other platforms since then. Oh did I mention 3D Modelling, Animation, Maya, 3D Max, Photoshop, Illustrator and other graphic softwares too?

Why I learned all of that? Not because I want to do it all by myself. Because it helps me making better decisions, as to which technology is better suited to my needs and which ones will cost me more? What would be the pros and cons of choosing one technology over others? I have outsourced few work, while hired employees to do others.

Basically if a work is a continuous one, I hire someone permanently, while for work which have lesser frequency I outsource them. The factor of cost is the most important one here. Just calculate if outsourcing will cost you more or hiring employee will. Do keep long-term effects in mind too. And if technology/programming is not your strength at all, while it's too important for your company, find someone to be your partner instead. Do not afraid to share revenue.

Just remember never ever do any work which doesn't involve management. Programming by yourself is the least cost-effective measure. And do not assign any work for yourself which is not your strength at all. However learning new things never hurt. So keep learning all of the tech.

And best wishes for your venture.
Erick Navarro

You dont have to be an expert to build a SUP, you can learn a lot on the way, as long as your learning dont limit the company growths.

If for any reason you think learning is going to be too long for what you need, then dont do it and find a developer founder, you should focus in to bussiness.

But since you have previous knowledge I think you will do it find as CTO, then find yourself a business founder.

You can do a lot, but not all. Invest your time in the best way in the most returnable activities.

You can build a simple MVP using WordPress by example. And then evaluate what to do. I dont recommend you at all outsourcing developing. If you are a tech SUP why would you outsource the core of your business?

Good luck.
Anuj Kumar
To run a startup effectively, a founder has to wear many hats. He needs to be good not only in development but also in marketing, sales, writing, people management, etc. If not he should at least be capable to bring co-founders who can complement him. Even if one knows everything it is next to impossible to handle all tasks alone. At some point, he must need to find helping hands in form of co-founders, employees, freelancers by offering them share in company or cash.

Now, to answer your question, yes it is possible. It is possible for a single person to learn and use these or any other technologies to start a startup but starting a startup is not an end. He needs to make it successful and keep the business running. Like everyone he too only has just 24 hours per day. He needs to bring in more people on board unless the startup is completely automated and doesn't involve much human intervention.

One way is to learn these technologies and other required skills, and make a MVP (minimum viable product) for your startup idea. Then use this MVP to find some early adopters who are willing to pay. You can then use that money to hire more people who can help in improving the product. You can also use MVP to convince and bring in a good co-founder who is interested in your startup concept and has complimentary skills. You then have the option to bootstrap your startup or use outside funding to accelerate the growth. If you can convince some VC or angel investor to invest some money in your startup for a share, you can use that money to hire experts.

Remember, you don't create a business. You grow a business.
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