WordPress Tutorial In Tamil For Beginners And Bloggers. In this post, I have to create the best video tutorials to explain you to WordPress blogging. You do not need any technical knowledge create a WordPress blog. Just you need to follow this videos to create an excellent WordPress blog website.

Now you will see this video tutorial in

  • Install WordPress.
  • Configure WordPress.
  • Best SEO plugin for WordPress.
  • Submit your blog search engines.
  • Encourage search engines to index your website.
  • How to install and use different themes in your WordPress
  • How to post in WordPress blog.

WordPress Tutorial  In Tamil (Video)

Just watch this video to learn about WordPress. This video made by a friend and it have included everything about WordPress.

After watching video tutorial just scroll down to learn some bonus tips for creating an excellent WordPress blog.



Bonus Tip 1: Use Better Hosting For SEO.

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These bonus tips are not related to title WordPress tutorial in Tamil, but it makes good sense to refer these things.

Why you need to use a better web hosting sites like Bluehost and SiteGround?.

SEO is one of the important things for a WordPress website. When hosting your WordPress to some cheap web hosting it will make your WordPress website blown away from organic search results.

Because those web hosting sites have limited number storage, they offer your moderate amount. Flat number storage spaces will make WordPress to load too much time for small actions like posting and editing in your WordPress. So please consider before choosing the right web hosting for WordPress blog.

Bonus Tip 2: Use Genesis FrameWork Themes (Lightweight Coding Themes)

Genesis theme is the compelling idea for SEO because these items are designed with very lightweight codings.

It makes compress WordPress website into two times smaller like 3MB int 300kb.

So don’t worry about your web hosting and too much of loading time. These themes are very crucial for a WordPress user which helps to compress a WordPress website into the smaller amount to help web hosting work frequently.

Bonus Tip 3: Use SEMrush For Better Organic Results

SEMrush is one of best SEO and SEM tool on the internet. This tool basically helps everyone to get reach his or her audience with search engines like Google and Bing etc. You can find unlimited keywords in SEMrush, and they can contribute to reaching your audience with the search engine. Very comfortable to ranking your keywords with SEMrush. Before the start, blogging learns SEO thing after going with your WordPress blog.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope these tips are beneficial for you. If you any doubts, please drop in the comment section.

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