Did you feel very hard about your WordPress dashboard slow ..?

You do not know how to deal this dashboard slowing problem..? Here is your real solution. Yeah, I have it. I have created this post with seven specific solutions that can help you to fix your slow WordPress admin panel. I just need to fix your WordPress Dashboard slow problem to make you happy and work well with the help of me. That is why I created this post. It will help you to increase your WordPress faster loading time for SEO. Here we go to the first step.

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Fix The WordPress Dashboard Slow Problem In Following Ways

Uninstall & Delete WordPress Plugins

WordPress is not complete with out plugins, but old and untrusted plugins are not good WordPress. These plugins make CPU load faster to send and retrieve data. Some of the old and untrusted plugins need to work with it. However, it consumes high CPU memory to make you WordPress dashboard slow. The first step of fixing your WordPress dashboard slow is uninstalling and delete some unwanted plugins free up WordPress database. Which plugins you are not using more than three months do not make those plugins to occupy much space in your WordPress. Just uninstall and delete it. Here is the list of some plugins which consume CPU overloading.

Note: Updated all plugins for your recent version of the version.

Avoid these plugins that consume high CPU usage.

  • All One SEO
  • Contact Form 7
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Similar Posts
  • NextGen Gallery
  • Linkman
  • Fuzzy SEO Booster
  • Divi Builder
  • Disqus Comment System
  • Jetpack
  • VaultPress
  • Woocommerce
  • WordPress Facebook
  • Yet Another Related Post Plugin
  • Skype Status
  • SumoMe
  • WPML

Use alternative plugins for these plugins. Don’t use more 20 plugins which take too much space in the database. Use p3 plugin profiler check which plugin take too much high CPU loading.[bha size=’760×80′ variation=’01’ align=’aligncenter’]

Optimize Images With EWWW Optimizer

Images are one of the main factors of WordPress dashboard slow. Images are having too much of weight will take too much space in database tables.  The second step is we need to compress all images for fixing WordPress dashboard slow. This step is one of a real factor for SEO. Because it was decreasing the size of pictures and make your WordPress, The lighter size of images is ranking higher in the search engine.

Install activate the EWWW Optimizer. Set all the setting as default. Select media in WordPress dashboard side bar to select drop down menu in Bulk Optimize after scanning for unoptimized images.

Wordpress dashboard slow

After scan completed to select start optimizing to compress all images. EWWW Optimizer can compress all images lossless compression.

Delete Used WordPress Themes

If you install more than two themes, it will have to occupy much space in the database, and it has created many folders in WordPress directory. The database had more than 30 MB for the file that makes WordPress struggle to load, and it makes website size up to 3 MB. The 3 MB size of sites is not recommended for SEO ranking factor. This volume of size will drop your ranking in search engine.

WordPress Slow Admin Panel

Delete unused themes first Select appearance in WordPress dashboard sidebar to select theme button. Select which of themes are you are not using to select theme details that shown above picture. In the right side of theme details page, Delete buttons appeared shown in below picture. Click Delete button to delete that theme. Do this process to Delete all unused themes.

WordPress Dashboard Slow

Control WordPress Heartbeat

WordPress heartbeat function is a fundamental element of slowing down your WordPress dashboard. When you log into your WordPress dashboard, WordPress heartbeat rate increase to send a high number of request to the server. It encouraged server to overload the CPU. That causes the damage to web hosting to slower the server performance. You need to stop or limit  WordPress heartbeat. Stopping WordPress heartbeat can decrease the smaller numbers of request to the server and increase the CPU performance to preventing WordPress Dashboard Slow.

To stop your WordPress heartbeat go to your theme editor and paste this PHP code in functions.PHP file

<?php tag:

add_action(‘init’, ‘stop_heartbeat’, 1 );

function stop_heartbeat() {

wp_deregister_script( ‘heartbeat’ );


This script will stop the heartbeat of WordPress to increase the CPU performance very well. Stopping WordPress heartbeat is not recommended in many cases. It will cause some damage in WordPress, So we need to find the alternative way of limiting the WordPress heartbeat.

That alternative way is Heartbeat control plugin for WordPress.

If you do not want to stop heartbeat of WordPress, only install Heartbeat Control plugin to set WordPress heart rate manually. Go to Setting — > Heartbeat Control set the override heartbeat frequency rate to 60 seconds then Set Control heart beat the location on Disable on a dashboard page to make a significant change in WordPress dashboard loading time.

WordPress Dashboard Slow

After this step, we need to configure W3 Total Cache settings.

Disable Object & Database Cache In W3 Total Cache

WordPress admin slow

The W3 Total Cache plugin cannot work very good at shared & cheap web hosting. If you one of shared hosting or cheap web hosting user then you need to disable Database Cache & Object Cache for preventing WordPress dashboard slow. In every time you clean the cache, it makes too much stress for loading memories of web hosting and makes database corrupt. Some times object cache can need to enable for improve WordPress performance. Some times it makes a huge difference in WordPress loading time. Disable Object Cache and Database Cache to preventing for admin panel slow.

Optimize Database with Wp-Optimize

WP-Optimizer is one of the best WordPress plugins which is very easy to optimize WordPress database. WordPress using MySQL for creating database and tables to store all the data. Cleaning these unwanted tables and data is called database optimize. Storing a lot of unnecessary data and table will making of WordPress very slow to load. These useless things make database sizes bigger and taking much time to retrieve data from tables.  An optimizing database can increase the performance of WordPress to the relieve stress of database.admin panel

Download and install The Wp-optimize. Activated the Wp-optimizer plugin, On your WordPress dashboard side bar click on Wp-optimize settings button. To select the all of those check boxes which are shown above picture. Run all optimization to remove unnecessary things in the database with Wp-Optimize. Take backup WordPress after running this optimization.

Did you have done all these essential steps and still you facing same the WordPress dashboard slow? Let choose my alternative recommendation to preventing this admin panel slowing problem permanently.

Switch To SiteGroud WordPress Hosting

SiteGround is one of leading WordPress hosting provider. It is officially recommended for WordPress. SiteGround WordPress hosting is built with superior SSD for hosting, and they offer the Super Cacher for cache cleaning. That cleaning tool has integrated with WordPress for cache cleaning maintenance. They offer the right combination of NGINX, PHP7, CDN technologies. This combination technology is made WordPress very well to run. It was preventing WordPress from slower server responses time and WordPress dashboard slow. Check out this link to learn more about SiteGround WordPress hosting.

Video Tutorial

It is my first video tutorials, but it is not perfect. You feel desperate to understand my post. Just follow this video to fix your WordPress dashboard slow problem.


Thank you for reading. This tutorial is beneficial for you..? Please share your thoughts on comments.

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