Wix vs WordPress which better platform to start a website..? This article can help you to figure out which is better WordPress or Wix. Which platform had the best features which better to go on? Most of people’s don’t know about Wix. It was the best growing platform which has same specifications like WordPress. WordPress has the lot of best features that everyone knows about it, but it has some best pros and cons. we will compare both and figure it out which better platform to use & build our website.

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What is Wix..?

Wix is a cloud based website development platform. Wix specially builds websites like WordPress. Most of the people use Wix like following websites

  • Small business websites
  • Musical show case websites
  • Restaurant websites
  • Designing websites
  • Online shop websites
  • Hospital websites

All this type of sites is majorly built by Wix. Wix Website builder is simply better than WordPress website builder. Because they have introduced Artificial Design Intelligence technology to create their websites. They have a lot up to date templates and Page Parallax designs with without coding and drag drop to build websites.

Learn More About Wix In Here: Wix.com


  • Wix has over 600 professional templates to create their website with up to date designs.
  • A lot of creative templates create websites with more beautiful designs.
  • Simple drag & drop website builder can help to create websites with out coding.
  • Wix ADI can create websites automatically.
  • The good support system is available in Wix. They also give phone & Email supports.


  • Their plans are too much expensive than WordPress.
  • No designed for e-commerce because it has a lot of lack of working on e-commerce sites.
  • Very hard change templates.
  • Unwanted advertisements were visible in Free plans.

What is WordPress..?

WordPress is an open source online web site building platform. We can build web site quickly with WordPress. WordPress is leading platform to create web site and blogs. WordPress has made websites every niche like:

  • Blogs
  • Personal Blogs
  • business Blogs
  • E-commerce websites
  • Government Websites
  • resource Website

WordPress is one of best leading platform specially created by CMS (content management system). This platform has run in with web hosting. Most of the websites are built in WordPress website builders.It was working with PHP and MySQL database.

Learn More About WordPress In Here: WordPress.Org


  • WordPress is open source software. Anyone can download and use WordPress free.
  • Anyone can install WordPress with quickly. No need for programmers to install in a web host.
  • Don’t need to edit HTML files and setup FTP.
  • SEO friendly search engine loves WordPress.
  • A lot of plugins to make a WordPress site more compelling.


  • Lot hackers hack WordPress site in recent times.
  • Plugins make WordPress site speed slow.
  • Template designs are too costly.
  • A lot of plugins are needed premium plans.

Wix vs WordPresswix vs wordpress

You have confused which one is better..? Wix vs WordPress.

Wix is the new platform which has advanced like WixADI and Parallax Page designs It was the Little bit expensive than other web site building platforms. But it has Lot of lacks to fix

WordPress was having a lot of features which is mostly used by Peoples. It features are plugins, templates and website builder are easy to use every one. Most of the website is created by WordPress.


Simply WordPress is better than Wix. Because WordPress had the best feature to use and it was user-friendly. WordPress web site building function not better than Wix but Wix is had a lot of lack to run a website Wix platform.

Thank you for reading this article. You think this article is excellent, please share thought with me in comments.

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