Web hosting vs WordPress hosting which better to go on..?

You don’t know which is better. I have created this article for comparing the advantages & this advantages of web hosting vs WordPress hosting.

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Web hosting vs WordPress hosting

web hosting vs wordpress hosting

What is Web Hosting..?

Web hosting is a service which helps everyone to share everything on the internet with web pages or web sites. Any one creates a website, but they need to a hosting technology or a web hosting service to make a web site visible internet. Someone wants to see your website or web pages they want to know your web address. The website address is called domains. All the domains have a particular IP address to connect your site. Sites are running in a server. One of a storage part is called web hosting. 

Type of Web Hosting services

Web hosting services are available in four different types. Most of the web hosting service providers are the web hosting services with a lot of different plans. When you want a web hosting service, you need to understand what type service you need, How much you want to spend in your hosting plan after go with web hosting.

Types of hosting :

Shared Hosting.

Dedicated Hosting.

Cloud Hosting.

Website builder with hosting.

All these hosting services are available in different type plans with the different type of features like Web mail, More IP addresses, and many more offers are available in The Web hosting market.

You can check out here to learn more about best web hosting services.

Web hosting Features

Disk Storage.

Web email Accounts.

FTP Access.

Cpanel Access.

Domains Names.

Sub Domains.

Web File Manager.

Add-on Domains.

SSL Support.

What is WordPress Hosting..?

WordPress hosting is a part of web hosting, and it is one of the website builder technology or service. It was available every one to build their web sites with out setup hosting and technical knowledge. Most of the web hosting provider is gives a offers to build their website with WordPress, and they don’t need setup their HTML, CSS, PHP file technical knowledge. Only thing needs to build a website with WordPress, install WordPress software and it will create database and configuration files after you can access your site with simple WordPress installation.[bha size=’468×60′ variation=’01’ align=’aligncenter’]

Type of WordPress Hosting

WordPress available in two types :

Share WordPress Hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting.

These two type of hosting are available in two type WordPress platform.


We want to create a WordPress site with WordPress.com; we need pay after we can create a web site WordPress.com.


WordPress.org gives WordPress with no cost. It was entirely free and any one download and use WordPress with simple installation. But we need the web hosting to install WordPress.

WordPress Website Builder Features

Simple installations.

Search Engine Optimized.

Publishing Tools.

User Management Options.

Media Management Options.

Natural Theme Systems.

Extent With Plugins.


Which is best for creating a website..?

Web Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting

Web hosting and WordPress hosting are major do some different thing, but each two have working with same type operation because you want to create a website with WordPress you must need web hosting.

We can create a website with WordPress hosting with simple installation, and it will take 5 minutes.

Web hosting offers two best things; You can be developed a with HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL codings. You can install WordPress in the web hosting FTP access.

My best advice is to buy web hosting plan to install WordPress to create your website.

Thank you for reading this web hosting vs WordPress hosting article. If you like this, please share your friends & social media. You have any doubts or question feel free to ask me in comments.

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