How to create a landing page in WordPress ..? You want to know how to build a landing page that will attract more visitors to make more sales or get more traffic or get high rank in search engine.

This guide will explain every step to create your best WordPress landing page.

What is WordPress, Landing Page..?

how to create a landing page in wordpress

WordPress landing pages must have three specifications

WordPress landing pages must be integrated with CMS.

You can create a CMS integrated landing page with your WordPress sites Theme editor.

WordPress landing pages call to action directly to visitors.

Like :

  • Subscriptions
  • Limited Time Offers
  • Sales
  • Email Sign-ups
  • Downloads
  • Special Event Notifications

There you have four primary options to create your landing page in WordPress.

Why should you create a landing page..?

If you have targeted traffic to your website, you want to sell e-books or sell a product, or you want to more subscribers. You need to create a landing page to promote your clients and visitors.

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Landing pages are best ways to get more traffic, sell products, sell e-books and everything with your WordPress but you need to have right & best landing page in your site. If you don’t know create a landing a page in WordPress.

This article will help you to create the best landing page with simple explanations.

How to create a landing page in WordPress..?

Most landing pages do not have navigation bars. Navigation bars and sidebar can distract visitor focus to go somewhere. You must have to design your landing page without sidebars and navigation bar.

Step 1 – Edit Header.php

  • Go to Dashboard – Activate Twenty Seventy Theme
  • Go to Appearance – Editor
  • Go to Style.css –  copy Style.css
  • Go to WordPress File Directory – Wp-Content – Theme – change the theme name
  • Create New file – paste Style.css – Save Style.css
  • Save as – Style.css
  • Back to Admin Dashboard – Appearance – Editor – copy Header.php
  • Back to WordPress File Directory – Wp-Content – Create New File – Past & Save as Header.php
  • Back Appearance – Activate Your New Theme
  • Edit Header.php – Find & Remove Navbar code – Then Save
  • Edit Site title – Style.css – Edit Site title.

Step 2 – Create Front Page.php

  • Go to Appearance – Editor – Page template – page.php – copy the line up to Get_Header()
  • Go to WordPress File Directory – Create New File – Front-page.php – past Page.php
  • Add some custom CSS – Style.css


Congratulations. Now you have created your first landing page in your WordPress site. This way will help to create or edit every pages and theme in your WordPress website. This article is helpful for you..? this article is wonderful.  Are you using a landing page to market your blog..?

Please share your thoughts in comments. Now you have a clarity about how to create a landing page in WordPress..?

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