Bluehost vs Dreamhost, Which is best for WordPress?

You want to know about Bluehost and Dreamhost web hosting.

If you too confusing about web hosting that you should want to choose to use?

After reading this post, You will get the bright statement about selecting the right web hosting for your WordPress website.

BlueHost Vs DreamHost

Bluehost vs Dreamhost. Both company’s having lot of different specialties in their hosting products.Their specialty is the success key for them. Every web hosting providers are providing a lot of various technical advantages to their customers. We cannot differentiate any one of these is best in the market. However, we can choose which of these hosting is performing very well in WordPress platform.


Bluehost was founded in 1996; It was one of leading web hosting provider and having a significant amount of audience. Bluehost is not only providing web hosting. It gives their audience for

  • Shared Hostings.
  • VPS Hostings.
  • Cloud Hostings.
  • Dedicated Hostings.
  • WordPress Hostings.
  • Domain Name Registrations.
  • Woocommerce Hosting. recommend Bluehost for WordPress websites. Bluehost performs very well with WordPress functions. Bluehost made by the core functionality of web hosting for WordPress. One of a most prominent hidden feature of Bluehost website builder. Weebly Is partnered with Bluehost. Bluehost website builder one of web hosting option of Bluehost. They did not announce any pricing plans for Bluehost websites one of a crucial fact. Bluehost having two type of optional website builders in their Cpanel of shared hosting

  • WordPress Website Builder
  • Weebly Website Builder

These two options are very beneficial for shared hosting users. We can use WordPress one-click installing option to use a shared web hosting as a WordPress website. Bluehost website builders are useful for many users. That helps change the basic website HTML, PHP website to WordPress or Weebly.

WordPress Hosting Features

Bluehost features are compelling, and they have improved all their products to the modern level of technology. Bluehost upgrade their technology of web hosting technology is too different in recent years. We can create any websites like basic HTML websites, WordPress websites. Online stores with woo commerce, Secured SSL payment gateway sites. Blogs and much more types websites we can create with Bluehost. In this section, we will see about unique features of Bluehost WordPress hosting.

WordPress hosting of Bluehost so advanced in recent times and runs in VPS server.  Which can help with quick response time for loading? That makes WordPress hosting very powerful for small blogs and websites. has officially announced Bluehost WordPress hosting is very powerful for WordPress websites. They recommend their use for Bluehost. Optimized WordPress hosting plans are cost-effective in Bluehost. They have offered three variation plans for WordPress hosting.

The following feature is very imposing in Bluehost

Bluehost is entirely secure with Site lock Security which has prevented from DDoS attacks, Malware attacks, Spam attacks. Bluehost WordPress hosting is coming with integration premium Cloudflare CDN for WordPress hosting plans. CloudFlare integration is beneficial for SEO. It helps to load website smaller amount of loading which increases the SEO ranking factor for a site. WordPress plans of Bluehost are powered by VPS servers with advanced NGNIX architectures which are most developed for website performance. All these features mainly focused on improving the WordPress hosting service as a best hosting service


Dreamhost was one of a leading web hosting company, and it has 430,000 active customers, and they have hosted over 1.6 million sites. One of an award-winning company was founded in 1996. Moreover, this web hosting company was having higher rated in web hosting market. Why Dreamhost was higher rated market because of its money back policy. Only Dreamhost was offering 97-day money back policy, Which so helpful for small business owners and newbie website creators.

Dreamhost offers various type o products to theirs like

  • Shared Hostings.
  • Domain Name Registrations.
  • Managed WordPress Hostings.
  • VPS Hostings.
  • Dedicated hostings.

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