E-commerce Best Shopping Cart For WordPress Plugins Compared

All These plugins available in free & paid versions to be the focus on e-commerce best shopping cart for WordPress. These plugins are very best for WordPress E-commerce sites. You think these plugins are a little bit older and hearing some bad reviews in online. So I have divided the good & bad things about these best shopping cart for WordPress plugins, and it will lot easier to understand. Some of the new plugins I have not listed in here because those plugins can’t compete with these tonnes of user recommendations about these plugins. Im going to tells you about good and bad about these plugins and why these plugins are listed in here and what we do with this plugins to have a greater experience with your WordPress e-commerce site. All these E-commerce best shopping carts for WordPress plugins have some unique and different features. I have listed and compared each plugin good and bad things on below. Let we get the figure out which is best shopping cart for WordPress..?


best shopping cart for wordpress

Automattic created Woocommerce, and it is a leading E-commerce plugin to sell products with WordPress. On the internet, 30% E-commerce site is using woo commerce to run their business. It is a very powerful plugin offers you to sell anything in anywhere. It was available as in Free & Premium Versions. This plugin supports to e-commerce store owners and developers to run their business very easy to sell anything like digital and physical goods. Woocommerce can accept all type payments and be having a lot of useful features so let we go to see what woo commerce have.

Features Of Woocommerce

We can Sell anything

Woocommerce support all type goods like Digital goods and physical goods to sell anywhere around the world with your WordPress store. Small size or big size woo commerce can sell throw online. You can offer your online customers to sell unlimited numbers products, membership, instant downloads, sell affiliate goods, offers a booking, monthly subscription, coupons with woo commerce.[bha size=’160×600′ variation=’01’ align=’alignleft’]

Easy to Ship with Extensive Payment Option

Woocommerce offers a perfect business model with WordPress. We manage our store with woo commerce to sell our anywhere around the world, with all type of shipping methods like free shipping, cash on delivery, delivery time shipping like every shipping methods, we can offer to our customer throw woo commerce. Can we get paid quickly with PayPal, Skrill, stripe and Credit card payments

E-commerce with Woo commerce

We can manage our stock and taxes very simple with woo commerce to run our store very smooth. Woo Commerce supports tax system and capital management system, so we quickly adjust our to customer needs assets and taxes. Our store is very easy to customize with woo commerce, and we can change the stock and billing to level customer needs. That’s, why woo commerce, is one of the best shopping cart for WordPress.

The store front is free WordPress theme, which is mainly design store front and checkout pages. This WordPress theme is available in WordPress theme directory, and well designed for an e-commerce store.

Good Things Of Woocommerce

  • One-Page – Buying very simple with this plugin. A customer can buy more ten products with a single checkout, and One-page checkout designed for user-friendly. It encourages customers to buy.
  • Responsible Store – Woocommerce is a mobile friendly plugin, These days most of the people’s use mobile phones and smart phones so we can make our store mobile friendly.
  • Offer coupons – Woocommerce supports coupons integration, and We can easy to provide tickets for our customers.

Bad Things Of Woocommerce

  • Slow Down WordPress  – Woocommerce need lot of space to run, When your store with lower spacing hosting it can eat up all of your hosting space make your WordPress slower down.
  • Premium Version – Lot of useful features are available in the premium version, and it cost too much for small store owners.
  • Add-ons – Woocommerce add-ons are not available for free version.

This plugin is performance very excellent to compare all other plugins, so this plugin placed first on this list. Currently, woo commerce has 1.5 million active install users and powers 28 % WordPress stores. User rating 4.6 out of 5. It’s compatible with WordPress 4.8 +


paypal shopping cart plugin


WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin one of a new WordPress plugin. These plugins usability is very, and it makes a WordPress website as a simple e-commerce store. This plugin feature WordPress for small WordPress stores. We can add cart button anywhere in our WordPress sites like pages, post, footer, and widgets. Very powerful plugin and have 50 thousand active users. That’s, why WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart is one of the best shopping cart for WordPress.

Features Of WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

Support Multi Languages

Simple PayPal shopping cart plugin is a global plugin that supports 20 different languages for major countries. People interact with their local customers with the plugin and this plugin support help for local business. This plugin is very helpful for small business owners and WordPress sites.

Easy to Sell

This plugin supports all type of tangible products and sells physical & digital products to your store. This plugin gives simple options to add to cart button on anywhere in your WordPress. You can sell service, coupon, offers, subscription to your site with simple PayPal shopping cart.

Media Files

You can sell media file like e-books, mp3 songs, video courses, audio songs, image, subscriptions to throw your WordPress.

Good Things Of WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

  • Sell Media File  – We can sell any media file and throw our WordPress site.
  • Responsive Plugin – This plugin designed with light weight coding so this support responsive themes and we can add cart button anywhere in our WordPress
  • Multi Language – WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin support multi languages and very helpful for local business. It can make the local business grow very fast.

Bad Things Of WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

  • Focus on Small Business –  the Only focus of WordPress simple PayPal shopping cart is a local business, not e-commerce store. We can run our local and small business with this plugin. This not supports for e-commerce stores.
  • PayPal Payment – Only support PayPal and CC payments. We can accept our payment only PayPal. Not support significant payments like a stripe, Skrill, bank transfers.
  • Refund anytime – Your customer can be canceled your service anytime without informing you, and they get their money back.

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart is a perfect plugin and has greater ability to sell your products with inventive methods. You can sell your product to your local languages people to all over the world.


best shopping cart for wordpress

Cart 66 Cloud is a complete e-commerce plugin. All of this plugin specifications are very impressive and only focus on e-commerce business. One of the most secure WordPress e-commerce plugin. We can sell any products like Music, Videos, Audios, Subscriptions, Offers, Coupons, Products and Memberships with the cart66 cloud. It covers over 100 payment gateway integration. We can manage inventories throw in our WordPress and analyze all of our customer details like where they come from with the support of google analytics. We can create custom product page and checkout page with Cart66 Cloud. That’s, why Cart66 Cloud is one of the best shopping carts for WordPress.

Features Of Cart66 Cloud

Payment Gateways

Support more 100 payment gateway we can sell our products all type customer who can have different kind payment sources like Wallets, Bitcoins, Skrill, Neteller. Get paid Option is very good in Cart66 Cloud.


Do you want some contribution to make your business grow..? This plugin can support your business with the backing of online donations. We can accept the gift with WordPress with Cart66 Cloud.

Secure Process

Cart66 Cloud needs SSL certificate PCI integration for payment process, and all the pieces of information are stored with membership registration. It can make your customer more easy to buy.

E-commerce Friendly

This plugin complete e-commerce plugin which has all commerce application to manage WordPress. Taxes, Shipping, Inventory Management, Offers, Order management, and fulfillment.

Good Things Of Cart66 Cloud

  • Sell On Social Media – Cart66 Cloud supports social media integrations. You can connect social media account to cart66 to promote your products directly on social media.
  • Viral – The social media integration make your products viral on the internet. And it gives your business to kick to move right direction with the cart66 cloud.
  • Low Cost – All these its features are perfect for e-commerce stores.

Bad Things Of Cart66 Cloud

  • Manage Inventory – Managing inventory is terrible user experience in cart66. It has not updated for the recent version of WordPress.
  • Cloud – Cloud system management make your WordPress store slower, and managing order can take too much of time. This cloud drawback is not updated for long times.

Cart66 cloud has a lot of great features and has some best built-in function which is suitable for commerce stores. This feature cart66 cloud is unique, and your WordPress store has run behind of cloud integration functionality.

Which is the best shopping cart for WordPress..?

Cart66 cloud has all good feature e-commerce store integration it was most infamous WordPress plugin. Woocommerce some impressive feature and well-integrated but it too much price not acceptable. WordPress Simple PayPal Cart had minimum feature, and its payments gateways are not well big WordPress stores.You want to make your store grow bigger go for buy Cart66 Cloud.  Cart66 Cloud is excellent for WordPress E-commerce stores. That’s,  why Cart66 Cloud is one of the best shopping cart for WordPress.

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