Hi Friends..,
I’m Arun, and I’m from India. I’m a full-time blogger & founder of Tutreal.com
I’m 23 years old, and I have completed my BCA degree in 2016.

This blog is my third blog.i have created this blog in may 2017. Currently, my blog has tonnes visitors, and all my keywords are positioned first place in the Google search.
This blog is extraordinary for me because I have lot interests to run this blog.
My niche WordPress. I have created a lot of posts & tutorials about WordPress issues and problems.

All my tutorials are well information oriented, and these tutorials can help everyone fix their WordPress sites problems and issues.
I have created this for blog showing & sharing my WordPress knowledge to all people’s around the world. Anyone can visit my blog learn about WordPress, SEO, back links and WordPress tutorials.
All my posts & tutorials are based on WordPress because I have a lot of interest in WordPress.
When I started blogging, I don’t know what to do and what is WordPress.

My two blogs are getting failures because of small knowledge about blogging and WordPress.
Then I decide to learn about blogging and WordPress.

I have searched and collected lot article about this field and finally, I get a little knowledge about blogging.
Then I bought all keyword tools and premium plugins for my blog.
I have KwFinder, Ahref, Longtailpro, Moz and like all these tools I  practice for keyword research after I created all my posts & tutorials.
Currently, my blog reaches more than one lakhs viewers in last month. My mission is getting more 10 lakh viewers in a single month.